Here you can read all the stories or semi stories that I think of. I'll be posting something here at least once a week and sometimes updating a story. So stay tuned!

  • Change after Prom
    Warning, this story does contain attempt rape.   Chapter 1 John was walking home after a long day at the gym club where he does gymnastics, several times a week. He loves training there. John wasn't a large guy, he was small and quite … Read more
  • The Story of Anna
    There once lived a girl who was living very happily in a small town called Toren. It was a nice, peaceful town, where Anna had many good friends who loved her. She worked hard and loved the friendship she had with everyone. She cared … Read more
  • Kim’s little change
    Chapter 1 Kim woke up one morning after a night of drinking and checking all the girls out. He'd had way too much to drink that night and past out on the couch at his friends place. His head was pounding like mad and … Read more