Miami Trip!

Hey everyone that's STILL reading my blog.
I love all of you who are still here!

I travelled to Miami newly and only came home about a week ago. It was an amazing place with lots of great people. And best of all was my partner and her family. We enjoyed ourselves so much and I was shown around the place. The heat was too much though and I got sunburned the first day even though we tried to be careful. The heat was up in the 90-95F, that's roughly 40C. So you can all imagine how hot it was.

I went to Miami to visit my partner for our 11 months together as a couple. This is the first meeting she and I have had face to face and it was a little awkward to begin with but we very quickly felt more comfortable together. By the end of the first day we were cuddling lots and really enjoying our company together. She makes me feel so happy and content when I'm with her.

We went into Victoria's Secret, and into Sephora. We don't have these in Norway so it was interesting to see what they have in there. Next time I visit I hope I can get more money for the trip so I can buy something really nice from these stores. This time I only got to buy a foundation that matches my skin more than the other foundations I have. I did get charged for it twice, but we went back and got that fixed real fast. I wanted to buy things from Victoria's Secret as well but I'd already spent the money I could use, so no new bikini for me.

We went to the beach and that was so fun! The clouds were out though but that didn't stop us and we ended up having the beach basically for ourselves. I had so much fun with my partner and her sister. We were there for a few hours and I ended up sunburned even if the sun was behind the clouds. I had a few problems sleeping after then, oops!

At the end of my trip to Miami Susan and I were so attached to each other that it was so sad we realised I had to leave in the next couple days. We went out shopping because my partner wanted to get me a little something. We went to Miami Bay and looked around for a few hours while I was exhausted from going out almost every day I had been there. Finally we settled on a necklace with the Cancer Star Sign. It's so I can remember her better while we're far away.

One of the days we tried to set her sister up with someone she has a crush on. We almost successed but the sister was too shy and scared that her family might find out. It's a very strict family from what I understand. We had so much fun teasing them and following after them and trying to get them to kiss and hug, though she was too shy.

Thank you Miami! I had a beautiful time visiting and I'm definitely coming back to visit and HOPEFULLY I won't get sunburned the next time I visit!
Next time I'm visiting, I hope to also have finished a project I'm working on and get that selling.

Thank you all for reading!
See you next Blog Post!

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