School Shooting in Texas

Hello my readers.

Today, my heart goes out to all those families that are at the school in Texas where a shooting has occured yesterday, not even 24 hours ago. We've learned so far that 21 are dead, 19 elementary students and 2 teachers. It saddens me to know that school shootings happen and that the parents are left to deal with the trauma of knowing that your child or children went to a school where they could have been killed. And it's even orse for those parents that did have children that were killed. My heart goes out to everyone involved.

I hope that something is done to stop these shootings. Did you know that so far this year alone, there have been 27 school shooting in United States of America? Over 140 people dead in just 5 months.

I can't imagine living in the USA knowing all this. If I had children, I would not be able to work or relax knowing that it's such a common thing that happens. I don't know how families in the USA manage to go to work or relax at home with all that happens around the country.

Anyway, I wanted to give my love to all the people out there who need time to heal from this tragedy. My heart goes out to you all and I hope that all those that are affected find peace.

If you want to follow what is happening Live, CLICK HERE

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