Tuesday Great Day

Mina with makeup


Today I feel great! I got my make up done and got laundry started and a little later I will make another podcast episode! I feel so Great! I'm also really hyper and having a really great start to my day! Talking to my girlfriend and talking to lots of amazing great people from around the world. I feel like I'm having the best start to my day and I want to continue having an amazing day. Anyone else feel like their day has gotten off to an amazing start?

Later today I plan to maybe take a little trip out and take a few pictures! I want to get a little fresh air and maybe some great pictures to add here! It has been a long time since I actually posted any pictures in the gallery area, so I'm thinking of doing that. Any great suggestions for what you all want to see?

So later, I will be recording for my podcast. I will definitely be talking about today and the fun week I've had last week. Hopefully I don't let my hyperness get to me and speak too quickly! I can very easily do that. I just get too excited and start talking too quickly. Do you have any questions you want to ask me for when I record? I will answer it all on the podcast.
Podcast link here


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