Lots have happened

Hey everyone who still checks my website!

So it's now been a couple years since I posted and a lot of things have happened. I stopped posting because of my depression. But I'm kinda back I guess? I'll at least try my best to keep up to date with my blog!
So what's happened is that I've been working on myself though my anxiety is really horrendous. Last year I got aske by by an amazing girl who lives on the other side of the world. It's so weird how these days we can be in a relationship with someone we've never met. So in August I'm going to travel to meet her and spend a little over a week with her. I can't wait and also my anxiety is really bad! i'm traveling for about 17 hours and with my anxiety so bad, it's not going to be a fun trip, but I hope it'll be worth it. In 13 days we'll have been together for 8 months. I'm so happy and I'm feeling good about my life knowing I have her in it.

So I've started a podcast and I'm working on a NSFW discord server. I'm also in search of a job, though my anxiety is preventing that from happening a swell as covid-19. Lots has also happened to this website! So it was taken down for a while. But we got it back up! I'm happy!

For a few years I've been smoking and as of October last year, I quit smoking and vaping. Ass a result, I have snacked more and gained weight but at least that's out of my life. I do try and work out though my anxiety does get in the way of going to the gym. Thankfully my girlfriend helps me with lots of motivation. I'm writing this while really hungry by the way. I need to get myself some breakfast and another coffee.

That's it for this blog post! Thank you all for still reading and if you all would like to take a moment to check out my podcast on Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast, that would be great! I try to update it once a week, every Wednesday. <3
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