Change after Prom

Warning, this story does contain attempt rape.


Chapter 1

John was walking home after a long day at the gym club where he does gymnastics, several times a week. He loves training there. John wasn't a large guy, he was small and quite scrawny, he had hair down to his shoulders and a pretty face. He was often mistaken for a little girl, which he always shrugged off. John always took the same road home, which didn't have a lot of people around, he liked to avoid people so that he could focus on what he'd learned at the gym. He was soon home and saw his parents in the kitchen window. Looked like it was going to be a very nice time at home, as per usual.

At school, things were going sort of okay. He was bullied, but he could avoid them most days. He always tried to be as discreet as possible, wearing neutral colours and baggy clothes that hid him. Most people didn't really know him and he didn't have any friends. He was at school to study, not to play around. Everywhere around school, you could see posters about Prom that night, everywhere. Today was a Friday, so that meant, later that night everyone at school would be at Prom, which was going to be held at the hotel nearby.

Back at home, John was getting prepared for his training that evening when his mother asked him if he had anyone to go to Prom with. He replied that he didn't and that he wasn't going. His mother looked a little sad at John, she knew that he didn't have any friends, as he never went out and did anything. He was always at home, studying or reading something.

That evening after practise, he was walking to the library as was usual on a Friday after gymnastics and it was starting to become dark. He was listening to his music and was about to turn a corner when someone grabbed him from behind and put a bag over his head, making him blind. John tried to scream and fight but the guy holding him was too strong. He doubted anyone could hear his scream as he was dragged into what felt like a van, and he was right as he heard the car take off down the street. John knew that he wasn't going to be missed for a few hours at least. He was always at the library until it was late.

He tried to be calm during the drive and just tried to listen in to what was happening. He knew nothing good could come of screaming and thrashing about as he'd felt how strong the guy holding him was, so he stayed quiet. His kidnappers weren't saying anything as they drove and after numerous turns, the van finally came to a stop. He guessed they were at the end of town because of the long drive.

"We here, kid." said a dark voice from way above him. The person the voice belonged to grabbed him and pulled him from the van and inside a building. After a couple stairs upwards, they stopped and unlocked a door. Inside, the large guy threw John onto what felt like a mattress. The bag on his head was quickly removed as well. He was now staring up at 4 guys that he recognised from his school. They were all seniors and John was only a sophomore. The captain of the football team, James, looked to be the leader of this group. He was 6 feet 2 inches and next to him, on his right, was Mathew. Mathew was the quarterback, and he was standing at 6 feet 3 inches and to his right was Larry, their defender. He was big and built like an ox, at 6 feet 7 inches. But he wasn't the smartest guy in school. Everyone knew that Larry was a cruel guy and loved to bully those smaller than himself. Then there was Lee, off to James left. He was 6 feet tall and also build quite well, as he was the other defender.

James looked John over from where he was standing, holding the bag that had been around his head. "Take your clothes off and go shower." He was told by James. He looked at them with a shocked expression. What were they going to do? He was shaking slightly as he slowly stood up and started getting undressed. The room was very bare, with no doors except the entrance door. The bathroom didn't even have a door and the room only had the mattress, with no sheets or anything. Perfect place to take someone, John thought. He got down to his boxers and started to walk towards the bathroom but was stopped by James commanding voice. "Underwear as well."

John looked a little shaken as he turned to look at James. "Really?" He asked in a squeaky voice. Johns voice still hadn't dropped or even started yet and sounded very young. James nodded while looking sternly at him. With shaky hands, he slipped his boxers down and off and looked back at James, who just nodded again. John turned and went into the bathroom, where there was a small shower and shampoo and conditioner. They looked like something the girls at school might use.

James came in and looked him over again. "Make sure you wash everywhere and to use the shampoo and conditioner properly. We'll have towels ready afterwards." John just nodded slowly and went into the shower, while James was still looking. He turned and left as the water started flowing. After using the products, he smelled of flowers. And his red hair looked beautiful, wet but beautiful. He turned and saw that there were two towels hanging there for him. He grabbed one and put it around his waist and was about to start drying his hair with the other, when Mathew came in and told him to put the towel around his waist around his torso instead, like women did and to wrap his hair in the second towel. John thought it weird but didn't say anything, he was after all in no position to do anything.

He walked out to the main room again and saw that Mathew was alone but had a few things with him now. There was what looked like a makeup box on the floor and a couple other boxes and a bag as well, that he didn't know what were. "Sit." Mathew commanded, pointing to the mattress. He want and sat down and looked a little uncomfortable. It was cold in the room. The room was just so bare and there didn't seem to be any heating from what he could see. Mathew took one box and opened it, inside where a pair of silicon breasts. John gasped as he now knew what was happening to him, or so he thought. They were going to make him a girl.

"Now you be very still while I do this." Mathew told him in a stern voice, as he gently unwrapped the towel around his torso. He took a breast form from the box and placed it on John's left pectoral. He adjusted a little before taking it off again and applying some sort of glue to the underside of it and placed it back on his chest. John gave a slight squeak as the glue was very cold. "Lay down on the bed, would you?" Mathew said, not so commanding this time. He was holding the form as John slowly laid back on the bed. After a couple minutes the other one was applied as well. It only took about fifteen minutes before Mathew said he could sit back up.

John felt the weight of his new breasts and they weren't light. They looked to be a big C-cup and very natural looking as well. He didn't know how he felt about them, but he didn't get any time to think about it as Mathew nodded to himself and told him to lay back down, this time with his legs up and to the side. Mathew started to glue his genital into place as well. After another few minutes, he was told to sit back up and then stand up.

John did as he was told and stood up for Mathew. He immediately felt that everything was secured in place and looked to be giving the effect that he wasn't born male. He looked at Mathew, who also seemed to be looking a little uncomfortable. "Why are you doing this?" John asked while he stood there, completely naked with only the towel on his head. Mathew shook his head and just told him to walk around a little.

John sighed softly to himself as he started walking around. Guessing what it was that they wanted from him, he changed his walk slightly and looked to be strutting around instead, swaying his hips from side to side. Mathew looked very surprised at this and blushed a little before telling him to stand in front of the bed. From the bag, Mathew took out some underwear, female of course. John took the bra and the panties and slipped them on, but he needed help with the bra. He'd never used one or even touched one before. The underwear felt snug once on and he kind of liked the feel of them.

Mathew then shook his head again and told him to sit down on the bed, but he told John, in a more gentle voice than he had earlier. Was he softening up? Again John asked Mathew. "Why are you doing this to me?" Mathew visibly sighed and looked at Johns face before speaking. 

"I want you to be very still while I do your face. And while I do, I'll explain a little, okay?" Mathew looked into his eyes and John nodded while also looking back into his eyes. "Okay, good." He said as he picked up the makeup box and started really examining Johns face, then went to work. As he started, he also started talking, "The reason I'm doing this, is because James is blackmailing me into it. He found out recently that I want to be a beautician and having been learning about all this stuff from my sister. I am also slightly gay, and James only suspects that." His voice shook slightly as he told John about himself. "So you see, that's why I'm here. But the reason you're here, is because Larry doesn't have a date, and no one wants to go with him. They decided that you were a perfect fit. Scrawny and small." He sighed. "You do make a beautiful girl though." He said as he finished up and examined his handy work.

John looked taken aback that the statement about him being a beautiful girl. His eyes were wide. Mathew whispered an apology to John and gave him a hug. Then Mathew started on Johns hair. Mathew gave him a compliment on how beautiful his hair was before drying it and the pulled out a curling iron and plugged it in. Ten minutes later, his hair had curls and was gorgeous. John was gorgeous as Mathew told him. Just then they heard the lock in the door unlock and James came in with a dress in hand. He was wearing a tux and looked very ready for Prom night.

James looked shocked for a second before gathering himself. The dress was a very nice emerald green, that flowed all the way down, almost to the floor, and he had heels in the other hand. 'Here, put these on.' James said, in his very commanding voice. His eyes were slightly leering as he looked John over. John strutted over to James and took the dress and high heels from James and slowly put the dress on and then the heels. John felt quite good. From the looks he was getting, though, he was also getting very nervous about his night.

James and Mathew just stared at John for a few seconds before Mathew coughed and said he had to leave with all the things. "Yeah, man. See you in a bit." James told him while Mathew took his things, gave John and apologetic look and left. That left John alone with James who just told him to walk around and get used to the heels. But John had amazing balance thanks to his gymnastics training. James smiled for once and said, "Well, I'll be. You look great! Now, for tonight you'll be Ashley and you are going to be the perfect date for Larry, got that? If I hear that you haven't been on the very best behaviour, you're going to get it." He said very sternly

John visibly shook from fear of what might happen to him that night. The James knocked on the door and in came Larry. The burly guy looked like a big monkey in his tuxedo. He as well, paused when he entered the room and saw John. His mouth actually looked to be having trouble speaking. James jabbed his side with his elbow and Larry came over to John. "You look stunning." He blushed slightly while looking down on John. At the moment, John felt incredibly small and helpless.

"Come on, you two. We've got to go or we'll be late. The limo is downstairs and waiting." James stated and almost pushed both of them out, locked the door, and over to the limo they went. Inside there were a couple girls. Sally took James arm when he sat down, Jenna held on to Lee's arm. They both introduced themselves when they saw John... Ashley, he had to start thinking of himself as Ashley, and start thinking of himself as herself.

"Hey, I'm Ashley, I'm from out of town." She said and sat down. Larry came in and sat down right next to her and she had to fight to not show that she didn't like it. As they drove to the hotel, where Prom was going to be, both girls looked to be ignoring her or giving her a death stare. Ashley didn't care, she wanted them to leave her alone anyway. Larry had plans though, as his hand rested on her knee, which she discreetly putt back on his own knee. He tried a few more times before they arrived at the hotel and were ushered out of the limo and towards the hotel entrance.

James gave Ashley a stare and walked up to her. "You better behave." He snarled low enough that no one would heard, before walking back to his date. Ashley grabbed onto Larry's arm in slight fright and walked in. She did her best to look like she was enjoying herself and danced a little but mostly just sat at their table and didn't say much to anyone. It helped that Larry was there, as everyone was afraid of him. They could sometimes hear whispers of people talking about her and why she was with him.

The place looked beautiful but because of her situation, she was just trying to get through it without much hassle and hoping no one would recognise her for who she really was. A little later, King and Queen were appointed and the guys at the table now wanted to leave. They had apparently rented rooms in the hotel, and Sally and Jenna looked excited and ready to leave as did the guys. Larry also looked ready to leave, which gave Ashley a very worried thought, what was going to happen to her!?

They all went to the nearby elevator and went up two floors. They all had separate rooms but once inside, she could see that the room they were in had a door to the other room, James's room. Once properly inside, Larry locked the door and smiled, a cruel, excited smile. This worried Ashley to no end, as all of a sudden she was thrown to the bed and Larry was practically ripping her dress off of her. She tried her best to stop him and he was too big and just too strong. With the dress almost ripped open everywhere, he began to try to force himself on her. She screamed and kicked him between his legs, digging her heel in.

He jumped back in pain, while Ashley ran for the door and got it unlocked but all of a sudden she was airborne and realised that she was being held by Larry and James was in the room holding a knife. "I told you to play nice, you whore!" He shouted at her and was about to start knifing her when she kicked and screamed at the top of her lunges. She eventually fainted from exhaustion.


Find out next time what happens to "Ashley"


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