Sleepless night

Don't you just love it when you can't go to sleep because you have this thing stuck on your mind and the only way to actually get some sleep so to do something about it? Well, that happened to me last night. Let just tell you about the day I had first, because it was actually really nice.

As you all read yesterday, I had a great morning that started with me having a coffee and going for a walk before work. It was really nice and it kept me very happy, (Unlike right now, at 8 am, sitting here with my, too hot, coffee and lack of sleep.). After work, I came home, made myself a wonderful salad and listened to Karens on youtube. Someone was reading reddit posts about Karens. I'm not talking about someone called Karen, I'm talking about people who get called a Karen because they think they own the world and that everything evolves around them. There are tons of sad stories involved with these Karens. But these had beautiful ends where the people involved got a little payback.

My red wine and the cheesy, chicken salad I made <3

Also, the cat you see as the featured image, is a cat I met while going outside at work for some fresh air. It sat down and looked really cute, so I had to snap a picture of it. I just had to explain why there was a picture of a cat and nothing to explain why it was there.

Back to what I wanted to say, I had my salad and decided to pour myself a glass of red fruit wine, complimentary of a friend. That friend had his fun, because after two glasses, I was slightly tipsy and we, and everyone else on the chatting server, were having a blast. They thought I was super fun and cute and all these things and were teasing me. It was all good fun and I really enjoyed myself. It's just so nice to have a group of people, with whom you can relax and just have fun with, which I obviously did. So I ended up having another glass. 3 glass of wine and I was feeling it. The problem is that, the wine is just so tasty.

Thanks to all of them, I had a wonderful evening and night. As I was going to bed though, everyone started saying good, hugs & cuddles and just more and more. It got to a point where I was already laying in bed reading the chat and started crying. They were just too nice. I then tell them that I really do need to sleep and tried, except for one little problem I now had. A story was forming in my head, so i thought for a little bit before deciding that it was best to just get started on it and left my best to start writing it.

The major problem was that the whole story just came to me as I continued to write and I ended up spending most of the night just writing this story I had stuck in my head. So with loud music blasting my ears and my fingers flying around on the keyboard, I finished a short story that will be out on Friday, for Contributors and on Monday for everyone else.

I'm really excited to see that you all think of the story as it's actually really sad. I had tears in my eyes while I was writing this story.

Thank you all and have a beautiful day!

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  1. Sounds tiring. Now, a bit of advice… You need to check your spelling before you let others read it.
    But you write good, the words flow, so continue, and I m looking forward to reading your story.

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