I feel great!

I have no idea what it is, but today I feel fantastic! I feel like breaking out in sing and dance! I'm more awake and feel just super good and I feel like I look amazing! I guess it's because I've started something new. So let me rewind a little.

On Monday, the first chapter was posted and it got a few views, which of course makes me really happy. Now, I don't know how many of you reading it actually liked it, but I know I had a bit of fun writing it. So thank you all for reading it! <3

Most of my days, I feel really tired. So yesterday, I decided to try finding coffee that I might like. Coffee here in Norway just doesn't taste right and I love the coffee that's in Spain. I left work and visited a tea and coffee store, where I asked what coffee he could recommend since I liked coffee that they have in restaurants and cafes in Spain. He then told me that the coffee in the more southern countries are stronger than in Norway. I was slightly shocked as I thought Norwegian coffee was strong!

So I bought the coffee he recommended. Expresso Coffee... I didn't buy alot of the coffee, since I'm only wanting to try and find something I like. When I came home, I got right to boiling water and filling my cup with this coffee. I added a little bit of sugar and some milk and I liked it. I made another one and added a tiny bit more sugar and then I was buzzing! I was suddenly very hyper. Obviously, this is strong coffee and I'd just had two cups of it, or mugs, whatever you use.

4 hours later and it was bed time. Yes, I had a hard time sleeping. I was still pretty awake but I just tried to sleep until I did fall asleep, only to wake up 4.50 am. I had set my alarm to 5 am. I want to try to change my routine a little. Wake up early, take a cup of coffee and then go for a wake. That's how I want to start my day from now on.

But I have one problem! I don't have anything to hold my filter for when I pour the hot water, so I'm just holding the filter for now...

I started the routine today, and I must say, even though I had to get up at like 5 am, I feel amazing! I've had two cups of my coffee and I'm awake and feel amazing! Here I'll post a picture so you can see how well I'm doing on this wonderful Wednesday!

Now that we all know how well I'm doing and how absolutely amazing I'm feeling on this day! I need to go over the one change I've made.

Anyone can register for an account here and once you've registered you'll be able to get a membership. Now, I've thought about things for the membership, and I came up with one thing. Contributing members get access to the stories before anyone else. They'll get access to the stories on Friday while everyone else waits until Monday.

Do you think this is a good idea?

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2 Replies to “I feel great!”

  1. Hi babs
    You look great!! And you know I like reading your stories and hearing about what you do. Just…..no more coffee after 18:00….
    Sound like youre doings something good and healthy and I like that!

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