Kim’s little change

Chapter 1

Kim woke up one morning after a night of drinking and checking all the girls out. He'd had way too much to drink that night and past out on the couch at his friends place. His head was pounding like mad and he felt something slightly heavy on him. He opened his eyes to see a beautiful blonde girl had fallen asleep on top of him. He immediately felt a bit more lively, and shuffled slightly. Kim tried to shuffle out from underneath the sleeping blonde, but he must have moved too quickly, he thought, as the blonde girl slowly looked up from where she was sleeping. Very slowly she stood up and looked around, slightly disorientated.

She looked down at Kim, looking rather sheepish now that she properly realized where she'd been sleeping, or rather who she'd been sleeping on. "Umm... Good morning.." She greeted him with a blush. He left his own cheeks burn slightly as he greeted her back. "Good morning. Did you sleep well?" He tried to smirk a little but with his head in pain, it was very hard to keep it up.

She didn't seem to notice the smirk as she replyed to him. "I did, I'm sorry I slept on you. I must have passed out at some point or other. I hope I wasn't too heavy, sweetie." She slowly helped him sit up a little before he could answer her.

Kim slowly looked up at her and followed her movement with his head as she sat down besides him. He was feeling kinda lucky to be sitting here with such a cute blonde girl, he'd never really had many girlfriends. They never seemed to want to be with him, so he guessed she must like him if she was still there. "No, not at all." He smiled up at her... Wait, up at her? Either she was really tall or there was something wrong with the couch.

Kim was a tall guy. He was a good 6 feet 3 inches, and skinny. He wasn't big with muscles or anything like that. Though he really wished he was. He much have looked very confused because the girl besides him looked frowned slightly as if concerned. "Really? If you say so, sweetie, though are you alright? You don't look too good. You went a little pale there." She moved a little closer and looked him right in the eyes and Kim felt his heart fluster slightly and his face flushed to a more healthy colour.

As the colour returned to his face, she smiled at him and stood up. "Well, you're looking better. Let's go freshen up a little." She practically dragged him up before he could do or say anything and dragged him along to the bathroom. He was staring the entire time, and wondering what was going on. Was he really being dragged along by a gorgeous girl to the bathroom, or was he still too drunk?

In the bathroom, she turned him around to look at her. "I'm Stacey, by the way." She gave him a small hug and continued talking. "Do you use any make-up at all? You don't really look like you need it." Kim's eyes grew wider. What was she talking about? Why would he use make-up? He felt kind awkward about the question, and decided it was just a joke.

He laughed and just thought, bugger it. "Hey, I'm Kim, and of course I use make-up!" He thought it was kind of funny. Here he was, in the bathroom with a girl asking him if he wore make-up. He started chuckling slightly to himself, but there was something off about that chuckle, it sounded different to his ears.

"If you say so." she giggled along and just sat down on the toilet while Kim turned around to look into the mirror and he froze. In the mirror was a beautiful and petite girl, who looked to be roughly 5 feet and 4 inches, and maybe 21 -22 years old. The girl had long brown hair, big ocean blue eyes, that stared back at him.

His stare was broken when broken when Stacey looked at him in the mirror. "You mind? I need to wash my hands." She nodded towards the sink. "Maybe go now, before everyone else in the house wakes up, and you'll have to wait to freshen up?" She said while washing her hands and looking at him in the mirror. He really did need to go, but after seeing the girl in the mirror he felt a little scared of what he might find, or rather what he might not find.

End of Chapter 1

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