changes and a lazy Saturday

The Changes

First the changes thus far! There are a few changes to the website! I'm adding in a membership. I'm doing this for a little simple reason. If people want to help support the website, I'd greatly appreciate it and they can do so by becoming a member. I am still working on features and such for members and if anyone has any features they think might be a good idea to add, just send me a message. I listen to everyone that comments and I read everything that is sent to me.

Talking about money is always something I hate doing and I don't really want to put anyone off, so I've set the membership to $1 for a month. You'll be able to read more about the membership when I finish setting somethings up. Just so it is clear, as of right now, there is no difference if you pay or not. When I first started setting the membership up, I was thinking of setting it up so that only the members could read the stories I create, but I've changed my mind. As of right now, I don't want to hide anything. I do want to give those that contribute to the website something extra, but that'l have to wait for now. So to those that would like to just help contribute for now, you all have my sincerest thanks!

One other thing that I have added is that people will be able to create users. It is completely free to do so. I am thinking of adding a forum on the side where everyone can share ideas or talk about things together, but I'm not sure about this. The reason I am thinking about this is because I love talking to people and interacting with a community. I want to hear what you all think and maybe get ideas from you all, that's one reason for wanting to create the forums. I won't actually be creating it unless you all want this.

My lazy Saturday

My Saturday start off in the middle of the night really... A friend of mine had his birthday and we all got together in VRChat. Now, VRChat is a chatting game where you controll an avatar. You can either join with your VR headset, like the Oculus Quest, HTC Vive or Index Headset or you can join using just your Desktop (Computer). It's tons of fun to talk to people from all over the world and feel like you are actually there talking to them. Yes, I use a VR headset when I'm talking to them.

Everyone there at the party is drinking and having fun, and I'm sober because I didn't have enough money to buy something to drink. I prioritized eating instead. We started the party at about 1 am and I had an absolute blast listening to people talk and talking to everyone myself. I feel super relaxed talking to everyone and I can be silly and as open as I want and it's all good fun. This all when on until 3 am, as VRChat crashed and I was actually really tired. I hadn't slept on the day time on Friday, so I had been up since roughly 6.30 am.

After getting off, I started talking with one of my friends who I'd talked to early on in the party. All of a sudden, I have money for a few bottles of wine and I'm told to join in on the drinking next weekend. He's an amazing guy and really fun to talk to, but he did really surprise me with that one and more. I was also talking with my brother about how my life has changed and how nice it is to have such amazing friend and family who are so supportive of me. I love everyone for that! I also love all you who are reading this. You are all here supporting the website by just being here and reading. Big thank you <3

Now back to my very lazy Saturday! Hahaha! So after my brother and I stopped talking I finally went to get some sleep at 5.20 am. By this point I'd been awake for almost 23 hours and I was really tired. I wanted to write some more on a story I'm working on that will be out on Monday morning.

I didn't get to sleep long, as my body just told me to get out of be at about 9.30 am. I ended up just talking with a friend I met via an app called Slowly. Slowly is a beautiful app for those that want to talk to new people. It works like this, you set up a simple profile and then set a preference to who you might like to talk to, age, gender, interests and so on. Once you've done that, you simple write a letter and get matched up with someone, somewhere in the world. It does actually take time to send these letters. This means you end up writing a lot more. For example, to send a letter to someone in Germany, it takes 3 hours for them to receive it, and for Japan about little more than a day. So you don't need to constantly watch it and reply to them straight away. So it's a great way to meet new people!

And I see that I very easily go off track! SO! I'm talking to these two friends I met via Slowly and really enjoying their conversation. It's just so fun to listen to them and hear about their life's, don't worry, I talk about and tell them about myself and tease them a little. Hi hi! But that's sort of how my day has gone from there. I did make some really good food that I was really happy with!

The dinner I made consisted of rice, cheese, cucumber and bearnaise sauce. When the hot sauce is poured on, the cheese melts and then you mix it all around so that the cheese gets into every little bit. It's super good! I wish I had a little chicken as that would have just added that extra delicious flavour to it. I'm unsure what I will make tomorrow, though it's very likely something not with meat and instead will have rice.

This is the dinner I had.

As you can see, it's not much but it is actually really good, I promise!

Right now, as I'm writing this, it's just past midnight. So you could say it's now Sunday. My day was just so lazy that I originally wasn't very motivated to write anything. I had no idea what to actually write, but once I actually started, my fingers just started flying across the keyboard. I'm really happy my creative mind can think of things to write on the fly because really, I had no idea what to write. And that right there was making me even more unmotivated to actually start writing. Why write if I don't have anything to write about? Why not just continue watching youtube or something, right?

Well, here I am writing away and letting you all know that my day has been lazy but at least enjoyable.

To everyone who read's my content, really. A BIG thank you to all! <3

2 Replies to “changes and a lazy Saturday”

  1. Sounds like you were having a blast, which I like.
    I’m not sure a forum would work, there are so many ways of communicating so I think it could end up with nothing. But, that’s just my thoughts.
    You’re food is healthy!! Yeee. Add a carrot and it’s even more healthy. Never mind the meat.
    Love ya.
    Xxx mum

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