I’m doing alot better now!

To everyone that has been worrying a little about me, I'm doing better now than I did a month ago. A few things have happened. I've lost friends and I'm not going into why.

When I came from the US, I was still pretty depressed, but slowly over time, I started doing better and better. I also started eating better. Last year, I ate a lot of takeaway, because of my depression I didn't want to go out and buy anything. So now, I'm making good salads and eating healthier. Of course, a chocolate bar here or there isn't too bad, right?

Thanks to the Covid-19 virus going around, things have changed, world wide. I'm currently looking for work, but not too badly as I'm not really sure what I'd want to do in my life. I like editing videos, though I'm not always very motivated. I like making food, but there is a lot of rules and regulations for it. I like taking pictures but there isn't really much I can't do with that.

So instead, I've been a little busy thinking of ideas for a book and how I might continue a book I started writing about over a year ago. I actually started two books. One is in the fantasy genre and the other is more reality. I read lots. Just last year I read about 150 books within the first 4-5 months. And this year I'm at 60 or so books so far this year. These books all have something to do with transgender or gender swapping.

And so! i now ask you my readers, would you like to read some stories that I might write? So the ones I write here, will basically be very short and might not have an end. I'm not too good with that yet, as my thoughts tend to want my stories to be big and have a good story to it. But you'll get an insight as to some of the things I like and what I like to read and write about. And who knows, I might do a weekly update one.

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Picture was taken 7th July 2020

I also realized that it's been a while now since I've actually posted a picture of myself. As you guys can see, I look great! I have changed a great deal since the start of my transition!

I've also been looking into ideas here and there for lots of different things. I'm always looking into different things I can do and things I might want to write about or otherwise. It's so hard to get my mind to stop thinking and stop getting new ideas into my head... If I'm outside, it's always looking for ways to take a picture and how that would look. Then at home, I'm always thinking about WAY too many things as I don't really do too much. The only way to get my mind to really slow down is to read. But even then my mind might wonder to other things.

Also, I have no idea where I was going with all of that there. It was just really nice to get that out of my head. I find it relaxing to just let my fingers slide across the keyboard and type away. My mind can't always keep up with my fingers. I've noticed how sometimes my fingers just go ahead and even write some of the words before I even have them out of my head.
And again, I'm ramlbing away. I'm sorry for all my rambling. It's just really nice to write on here.

Oh and one more thing that has changed, I now have a new mobile. I had to get a new one as the one I was using wasn't really good anymore. The battery seemed to be expanding and that can lead to it exploding. Once I had enough money, I went and got myself a new mobile. So far, I love this new phone as the camera on it is so much better.

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  1. Sounds like youre doing better. Positiv, healthy, looking after yourself. Keep at it.
    You want to write? Write! Ill read it, you know.

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