All the fun I’ve had in USA

I want to write a little about all the good things that have happened while I have been in the USA.

It's not been all bad since I came here. I've had an amazing time talking to my friend and her boyfriend as well as meeting a friend of mine that I first met 8 years ago, thanks to Youtube.

I've seen a lot of different things since coming here and I've tasted so much that we just don't have in Norway. There's so many different flavors here. We've been to a few restaurants and the portions you get here are a lot bigger than I'm used to. So I easily got filled up very quickly.

The crisps (Or chips as they called it here.) have so many different flavors that I'm in awe and want to taste a bit of everything.

And having tasted my friends cooking, I want to taste even more. She's incredible at cooking and makes some really good dishes.

There's a lot of nice places to see here and seeing how the residential areas are made up in really interesting. It's not really something you see in Norway. In Norway, the building like apartments than actual houses. And we don't have a whole road full of houses with yards. It's really different.

And the stores are a little different as well. Some of the stores here have like everything. It's incredible! Their so huge!

And getting a pedicure here was REALLY nice. I wouldn't mind getting a mani-pedi. Get both my fingers and my toes done. That would be so incredibly nice.

Thanks for reading some of the good things that have happened while I've been here.

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