Shopping with mum… And Shoutout!

So on Wednesday I went shopping with my mother at La Marina. It's a big shopping Center with lots of stores and a few restaurants on top. The cinema is even there on top of the building. We started out with taking out money and then walking around. I really wasn't all that in the mood for shopping at the moment, but she wanted to go so we went shopping...

After running around the place looking at different things for about an hour or so, we decided to eat. We didn't hundred percent. At first we agreed that we'd go to a Chinese Wok place (basically a buffet place). But as we started leaving, my mother, suddenly wanted all these other places we passed. Italian, Spanish, Danish? I don't remember. But we made our way out of La Marina.

The food at Real Wok, was very good, but it had been out for a little bit, so some of the food was quite dry... Not fun when trying fries.... Well, all in all, it wasn't that bad.

It's now Saturday, and I've "volunteered" to work at the charity shop with my mother. I'm actually very happy that I joined, freely, of course... My mother made me try on a few clothes, and I met lots of interesting customers. And at the end of the "work" day, at 1pm. We went home and just relaxed.

Relaxing at home was just sooo good. sit down, watch a bit of Youtube, play with the cats 1 or 2 of the 27 cats... Oh and I'm allergic to the cats, which is really not fun. But the best, part was at 4pm. Going to the Hairdressers. That there was great, as I got to straighten my hair once more, giving it the finishing touch from Tuesdays expensive session. Yes, it was more than me or my mother expected.... I won't say the price, but it's less than I'd pay at the usual place in Norway.

After all of that, we went to a Indian restaurant. The place was fantastic, and open. When we entered, there were a few people, and the appetizer we had was really good!

Really good starter, want more!

The only thing I regret, is choosing the most spicy dish they had, a Vandaloo Chicken Tika. Well, regret and regret. I love strong foods, and this was very strong, which I loved! So, technically I don't regret it at all. Oh before I completely forget, I had the best conversation ever. This is very unprofessional, but seeing as this is the first time it's happened to me, I have to tell. Well, I'll actually allow you to read it for yourself, on my Facebook page. Strife Pictures.

I'd love to write more but I'm so tired, and I'm not very concentrated at the moment. So I'm ending this already short blog, with my tired ass.
Good night everyone and have a Merry Christmas!

And the reason I can't seem to completely finish up the blog is because of two Streamers called TwoOff Button to their stream below.

I've been watching Mitch and Brook, all night, and they just keep the commentary coming and it's good. I don't feel like going to sleep as I watch these two, continue playing and talk to their amazing chat. It's honestly amazing. They've playing this single game the entire the time, and the interest has not been lost, by me or even most of the viewers. I can recommend watching them, as it's likely you won't get tired of them.

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