Got my hair done

So after much thought, I've decided that I won't be making a food blog. The reason is quite simple really, I just normally don't eat out. If I were to eat at a restaurant, in Norway, as often as I do here in Spain, I'd have to be incredibly rich, which is something I am most definitely not. And I won't be earning a lot anymore either. In February, as far as I know, I don't have a job anymore. It's kind of sad, but it just means that I'll have time to work on this blog, and on my streaming. But I have no idea what I will do really, as I do need to earn money somehow, and I don't think I'm funny or good enough to earn anything from streaming, or writing my blog. I know, I'm being pessimistic, but I'm just stating facts.

But enough of that sad stuff! I've gone and straightened my hair. It took 4 hours and was really nice. The hairdresser was amazing and really funny, though I understood very little of what she actually said. I did understand very well, when she said that my hair stank of poop. This is very normal when permanently straightening your hair, it will stink. It's fact.

At my mothers workplace, not the best lighting...

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