Back in business and good food!

Hey all! I'm not sick anymore, I'm just allergic to all the 27 cats here. But this does mean I'm back in business, and will continue working on the website. 

First up, a week and a bit ago, I was hypnotized along with my mother. This was really interesting to watch. The hypnotist asked me if he could take over my right arm and I, very nervously, said that he could. I watched my right hand as he waved his hand over mine, and kept talking, telling me my hand was twitching every now and then. It was really weird, as after a bit it did start twitching, and then he told me that my hand was getting lighter and lighter, and that it was going to start to rise. My hand started rising as he'd said. It was odd watching, as it felt like I was the one doing it, but at the very same time, I felt like I was doing nothing. The whole thing was very strange. As my hand was rising from my thigh, he rubbed his hands together and said that his one hand was now a magnet that my hand would follow, and it did, my hand followed his. And then he told me that he was threading a string through my hand, and I felt it, like an almost painless sting. It really felt like that string went through my hand and that hand was now hanging on that string. Lastly, he told me that, once my hand touched my thigh, I'd fall asleep. But as all of this was happening, I was making a few surprised facial expressions, which I was later told, hadn't happened, I'd never made those expressions, that I felt very clearly I'd made. And then my hand touched my thigh and I seriously, kid you not, fell asleep. Not the normal sleep but the sleep where you are still awake, it's just your eyes are closed and your body relaxed. He talked for a little bit before taking all my stress away and then waking me back up. Very interesting and strange experience. Now it was my mothers turn. He said he was going to show how to make someone sleep quickly, on her. I tell you, he was quick. He took her hand and pulled on it while saying sleep, and she slumped down. It was so weird and fast. That was my first experience with hypnotism, first hand.

After all of that, I've done a lot of fun stuff. I've worked in a second hand store for a day, and got a few clothes, though we didn't find what I really needed, trousers and shoes... Oh well. Oh and my sister left, to go back to Norway, which was a very fun event, as there were a few problems that came up. I'm not going to talk about that.

On Wednesday we had some Komle/Raspeballer which is really good! I recommend anyone to try that! Find a restaurant that makes it and give it a go. You won't regret it, unless of course the place makes very bad food...

I'll make a category, where I'll talk about food, restaurants and where the best places to eat are. As I'm sure, some of you might like to know about the food at some of these places I go to eat.

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