About HRT (Hormonal Reassignment Treatment)

Before I get started on anything about this topic, I can only write about my experiences so far. I've been on Hormonal Reassignment Treatment for about 1.5 month now. There aren't a lot of changes, so I'll be taking information from my Transgender friends and from other websites. I will be including the websites from where I get my information.

In the very start of the prossess, you'll see very little changes body-wise. Though, if you watch your body very carefully you might be able to see very slight changes, to your chest area. You will notice that you become more emotional, which can be a lot of fun, specially when you're watching a romance or sad movie. Now, this will be different for every individual person. I've become slightly more emotional, while someone else might become a lot more emotional, and some might not change at all. The changes in my emotional state, are quite amusing when watching movies with friends. My friend and I, have had a running joke for sometime now about when I start hormones. We joked about how I'd start bawling when we'd watch a chick flick.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Petter Bretter (
Jason Segel) crying in front of a TV.

This is how I look when I watch movies now. Thanks to being in my early stages of HRT, I still look very much like a man, though others, say otherwise. There are times I look very much like a woman, but there are lots of times I look rather manly, in my opinion of course. 

Now as time goes on, I'll start changing more and more. I've been told that I'll start noticing the bigger changes at around 3 months time. At this time I'll notice my breasts grow, lighter hair, softer skin and some of the fat having moved around. I can't wait to see some of these changes, as it's really exciting. Unfortunately, HRT can't change my bone structure, nothing can change that, which is kind of sad, as I'm tall and I've got broad shoulders. Something else that will never change for Trans Woman, is the voice. We have to train our voices to talk in a higher, more feminine tone. It takes a lot of training, and I constantly forget myself when talking to friends and family. 

As months turn into years, my skin will soften even more, and I'll have a more feminine form. I'll have trained my voice enough to be exactly who I want to be then. And 2 years from now, I'll be having a SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery). This surgery will be the final treatment I'll need, that will change my sex. Here is a short youtube video, demonstrating with animation, how they do this surgery. Beware that it does show a penis being cut up.

After this, I'll have to take Hormone pills for the rest of my life, as I won't be able to naturally produce my own. I'll also. never be able to bear a child. But best part, that most woman are so envious about is the fact that I'll never have a period. 

I hope this is enough information for everyone. I've tried my best to write what I know about the transition I'm going through, and will continue to go through. If there are any questions, do leave a comment below, or send me the question through the contact form.

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