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It's now been over 2 weeks since my sister came to visit me in norway. And we've not really done a lot. That's mostly because I've been lacking in money. But other than that, we've had fun making food and playing games together. It's been awhile since I played games with friends. I know she's my sister, but it's better than having no one to play with... You know what? This is just making me depressed, and I'm not even on estrogen (female hormones) yet. I've posted some pictures of when my sister and went out in the middle of the night. 

26 June 2016

I've had a great weekend! Friday, I was at a party, where we played a game called Ipuke. It's an app you can download for free on a mobile. The app got us to do A LOT of weird stuff! Like alot! One of the things, one of us had to do, was, to be milked like a cow by another player. That made us all laugh so hard! 

It's been 2 weeks since last I posted anything. The reason is mostly because I was lazy. But also because I've been trying to figure out how to finish this little jumpscare game I'm creating. I'll post more of this in the Exclusive blog.
I'm really excited that my sister is coming to stay with me for a month. It's going to be interesting to see how this will go. Seeing as I'll be moving in the middle of the whole thing. I intend to show my sister as much of Stavanger as possible :D

Summer is here! Well here is Stavanger anyway... And when I get home, I'm so getting an ice cream from the freezer >w< Also yesterday gave me a big surprise. I met an old teacher of mine :D I haven't seen him in 2 years, so it was rather refreshing to see him, and that he was doing well. We really didn't get to chat, because he was at my work place and had business to attend to. 

22 May 2016

Friday was a great day! My friends and I went of to watch X-men: Apocolypse. It was a really good movie. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'm just gonna say that I really enjoyed it.
Every weekend, I'm so bored. I have nothing really to do on the weekend except just sit here and watch youtube. I try playing somegames but it's jsut not as fun as playing with friends. At least I have ice cream. It's something at least
On to other news!

My site is finished! I can finally start posting thing on here as well as I can start putting out some of the pictures I've taken while waiting for this site to finish. I know that there isn't alot at the moment but I'll have this site up and running properly in no time! There are just a few bits and bobs that I need to fix for the site to be complete. There is also the Exclusive Area.

Simon Strife

Simon Strife

I'm a hobby Photographer. I live in Norway and love to photograph. I may not be the best but it's what I love to do.
There's not much to say about me other than I'm just your average guy. I just like taking pictures.

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