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26 February 2018

Hey, people! It's been a while since I last did any updates! I'm terribly sorry. I'm not the best at updating stuff, I only work on the site when I really want to and if I'm not in the mood for it, it could take a while before I actually get into the mood. But I hope every one has had a great holiday, and that everything is well!

So since last time, I've tidied my apartment, moved my bed, and cleaned the whole place. I've also started training more and it's been a while since I last streamed.

30 November 2017

So because of an error that happened. I had to reset the whole website. I'm really sad that this happened, as I had made so many changes, and now I have to do everything over again. As well as everything picture and everything I've written, is gone. I did want to save everything I'd written an d save every picture, but I decided against it, as it'd be too much of a hassle. And so, I have to learn the whole website of again, but this is a great chance to start over again! I can think of this as a new start for the site! So I can put in new pictures, make the blog new and better! So it will take a while before the site is back up to where it should be. 

Simon Strife

Simon Strife

I'm a hobby Photographer. I live in Norway and love to photograph. I may not be the best but it's what I love to do.
There's not much to say about me other than I'm just your average guy. I just like taking pictures.

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