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30 November 2017

So because of an error that happened. I had to reset the whole website. I'm really sad that this happened, as I had made so many changes, and now I have to do everything over again. As well as everything picture and everything I've written, is gone. I did want to save everything I'd written an d save every picture, but I decided against it, as it'd be too much of a hassle. And so, I have to learn the whole website of again, but this is a great chance to start over again! I can think of this as a new start for the site! So I can put in new pictures, make the blog new and better! So it will take a while before the site is back up to where it should be. 

Simon Strife

Simon Strife

I'm a hobby Photographer. I live in Norway and love to photograph. I may not be the best but it's what I love to do.
There's not much to say about me other than I'm just your average guy. I just like taking pictures.

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