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19 May 2017

Trying to get some thoughts down


So, I´ve been trying to get a few notes down about my past. But my mind didn´t seem to like that and left me thinking about so many other things instead. Like my past and my future. 
For example, will I always be alone? Now I know I´m not alone but that´s how I feel even if I have alot of good friends. But the problem is that I´m always busy and I don´t want to hang out with anyone. I like being alone, but there are so many times where I really want someone to hold me and love me.

I think I´ve been single for too long... I know 2 years isn´t long, but it does get lonely.
I´ve got so many awesome friends and I love all of them, so much! But I really want that one special person who will come and give me cuddles when I feel like this. But at the same time I don´t want it... I know... I´m confusing. I want someone but I don´t want someone. 

I´m at the library writing this and I was reading up until a seat with a table opened up. I just had to take the seat and start writing. I´m currently working on a book (Which I never have time to work on) and I wanted to get something done... But then all these thoughts came to my head. Not the greatest of thoughts I have, eh?

At least I do have a few friends on their way here, as we are going to be playing Dungeons and Dragons. It´s alot of fun to play. It involves you having something to write on and a pencil, oh and don´t forget the eraser. You´ll write down your character description, like how you want your charater to look, and then the Dungeon Master (Game Master, the one out of you who created the world you´ll be playing in) will give you all a few numbers to put on your characters stats, like strength or dexterity.

I know it doesn´t sound like the most fun but it really is a lot of fun! if you have a good Dungeon Master, he will make the world come alive around you. Think of it like this, he will let you live the life you wanted ever so much! Be it fantasy or realistic.

i regret so much that I haven´t written down some of the adventures we´ve had, because we´ve had a lot of them and they were very funny! And some were awesome! The last on we played, we barely survived but we got captured. Lets just say, next time we play those characters, we may be getting into a few sexy things, as we were captured by bandits, in a world where slaves do exist. And we all want to find out, if we can manage to escape, or if we´re going to be sex slaves or something else, my character is female...


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Simon Strife

Simon Strife

I'm a hobby Photographer. I live in Norway and love to photograph. I may not be the best but it's what I love to do.
There's not much to say about me other than I'm just your average guy. I just like taking pictures.

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