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19 April 2017

A trip to Spain Featured

Being told that I'd publish a few books in the future was weird... But it was really exciting, knowing I'll one day publish a book about my life and later on got to Canada to collect research for my second or third book... Just wow.. Not only that, but I was told that I was going to get promoted and that I am going to be on hormonal treatment by the time my sister moves in with me... I'm so excited for my future! But with the promotion I may have to move.. That part I'm not looking to forward to. I currently like the place I'm living in. So I hope I don't have to move. 
A few things I have to do though, drink 3 liters water everyday if I want nicer feet. And I need to start on a raiki course for my healing hands. I was told that my hands are warm because they are healing hands and by doing raiki I can help people with them.
I'll also be going to America one day but for what purpose, we don't know. It could be because I have a friend there whom I have wanted to visit for a long time now. But it could also be for other reasons, like research for a book or to have my SRS, Sex Reassignment Surgery. For whatever reason, I'm excited. 
Sitting here at a cafe in Spain and thinking of all that may come, give me the shivers! It's exhilarating! According to diane (the one who did the reading) my future is only positive. That's a weird thought. There's going to be no negativity in my future. I find that to be almost impossible but if that's what she said, then I'll believe it whole hearted! 

One last thing I was told, that I will one day have someone who loves me a lot! But it's too early for love now. 
I feel like she meant that as in, once I'm comfortable with myself and after I've published my first book, I might meet that someone. 
I'm curious as to who this someone will be. Male or female? Old or young? And where will I be living? How will I meet this person? Sheesh... 
Something that just struck my mind.. Will I still be streaming or will I have to quit? Could this promotion be streaming or something else? So many questions and all I can do is wait for them to happen.. Maybe it'll be my website that is the promotion? Maybe it's my book? But how soon​ is this promotion? Will it be in a month or two? Or will it be next year? 
And I know, I've been neglecting my blog. Well not just my blog but the entire website... I should be on here more often and be writing a lot more. 
Mum wants her updates :P
So, things to do!
1. Take raiki courses.
2. Look into experimental hormone treatment.
3. Get a violet stone.
4. Write a book about my life. 
And that's about it for now. Not much else to be done until I've atheist looked into some of these things. 

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Simon Strife

Simon Strife

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