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24 January 2017

Writing from work


So far today, everything has gone so well. I´m happy I got to talk 5 minutes before lunch, it was really nervwrecking to talk about my situation. I could barely get my words out. I´d written 2 pages about what I was going to say. But what came out of my mouth was everything I´d written, just scrabbled. I was so nervous that I couldn´t follow what I´d written. But all in all it felt so good to get it all out, breaking the ice on this subject.

Until now, no one has been able to talk to me about my situation. No one dared say anything. Some didn´t even know about it. But the problem was mostly that no one knew what to say or how not to offend me, I guess.

Sure, I only got 5 minutes to talk, and I only used 1 minutes of it because I was so nervous, but at least now it´s out there.

Now I just have to get through the rest of the day. When I get home, I´m going to continue editing the video of my brother talking to me while being drunk. GOD that was hilerious! I could barely keep it together... Well I didn´t keep it together, ok...

I laughed way to much, and I was having too much fun playing around with him in the end. It was so easy to make him think he was tripping, all I had to do was change the pitch of my voice and he was out of it!

Though at one point I thought I had my voice changer one, and it turned out, I didn´t press the right button. My bad. I did figure that out a little bit later on, but then I´d already messed up.

I have edited about 2:30 minutes of the 23:30 minutes I recorded. That 2:30 minutes took 2 hours to edit... So really, It´s not that simple to edit a video. The reason it´s taking so long to edit is because of my brothers microphone. For some reason it would work properly and thus the sound is really low. So I have to add text for everything he says. It´s alot of work... God help me...


After working on that for a bit I´ll work on creating my on modpack for minecraft. At the moment it´s giving me headaches. Whenever I test it, it works for a bit before crashing. But the problem is that the report doesn´t show me what the problem is, other than that one mod seems to have failed.Normally I would have removed that mod, but I can´t remove this one, as it´s neccessary.

It would be so nice if everything just work fine from the get go. That way I could add all the mods I wanted without all the hassel.

Currently I have about 200 mods added. I just wish I knew which ones, were making it crash. Otherwise I´m going to have to remove the 10 new ones I added. And they´re mods I want to have in there. Why can´t they just work.


Other that that, I´ll be trying to create my own internet store. I´ll be selling mobile cases, and maybe a few electronices. I´m still not sure of what I can and can not have in my store, but I do know I´ll try my best to sell anything people want. And I´ll sell it cheaper than everyone else... If possible. But I´ll try my best! I do need to make sure I actually earn on it. So I might sell really cheap in the beginning and then go up in price and a while.

I´ll see if I can make a poll so everyone reading and add to what they might want, If I get the store up and running.

And I know, I don´t post very often. It´s just that I don´t really know what to write. I´ll try writting once a week, but I promise nothing. It´s not easy writing about something new all the time, sometimes there just isn´t anything to write about. Nothing new has happened since last time. Things like that. Though it has been a long time now, so there is alot of new things that have happened.

I´ll be taking that in a different post I guess. I think I´ve written alot for just one post.

But as you can see in this post, I have alot of projects going.

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Simon Strife

Simon Strife

I'm a hobby Photographer. I live in Norway and love to photograph. I may not be the best but it's what I love to do.
There's not much to say about me other than I'm just your average guy. I just like taking pictures.

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